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Today, the website of the Bitcoin robot has been updated again… those guys really lose no time in supplying us with as much info as possible about their robot.

But today, next to a video of a member of the programming team, Dmitry Kuleshov, there’s also a really nice goodie to be picked up!

Insights Of Dmitry Kuleshov, Bitcoin Programmer

Unpublished 33 page Bitcoin Book for free… your download is waiting!

That`s right! Next to more info on how the Bitcoin robot is planned to operate long-term for all its clients and talking about its sustainability, you get a full 33 page Bitcoin robot ebook with earning tips & tricks and some really sweet info that`s not to be seen on other websites.

According to Dmitry, this book will be sold for $19.99 USD on amazon in 3 months, so we are in for a true bargain.

What are you waiting for? Go and get your copy right now! Free download here